Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs In the US You Are Missing Out On!

Have you ever dreamed of a lucrative career that gives you financial freedom?

Fast-growing industries and flourishing employment markets go together like peanut butter and jelly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 13% growth in employment will be seen in the healthcare industry from 2021 to 2031 1

This shows even after the pandemic, many industries still offer job opportunities with competitive salaries. But you might be confused about which career opportunities to consider.

So, below, I’ve curated a list of the 25 highest-paying jobs in the world that will give you financial security.

Here Are The Top 25 Highest-Paying Jobs: 

1. Physicians

Avg. Pay: $231,500

Physicians can be cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, radiologists, etc. They are responsible for treating various patients and offering different services (for example, giving anesthesia, observing patients before and after surgery, or skin-related care).

To become a physician, all doctors must attend medical school and complete their residency before starting practicing medicine. 

This career currently provides 2.4% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 3% (2023-2031). 

2. Dental Specialists

Avg. Pay: $167,160

Dental specialists deal with mouth and teeth complaints and offer services like cavity filling, bracing, scaling, etc.

Dentists attend dental school following bachelor's degrees. Some of them also go through residency for specialization.

This career provides a 6.1% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 4% (2023-2031).

3. Chief Executives

Avg. pay: $213,020

CEOs establish the company's goal and make strategies for business growth. They communicate with the general public, media, investors, and board members. 

While most CEOs typically have a bachelor's degree, an MBA degree may help you achieve your goal, but it's not compulsory. This career provides a 7.3% growth in employment, which is expected to grow by 6% (2021-2031).

4. Nurse Anesthetists

Avg. pay: $202,470

Nurse anesthetists are responsible for caring for patients who're under the influence of anesthesia. For this role, you must hold a bachelor's and master's degree in nursing.

This career provides 11.4% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 38% (2022-2032).

5. Airline Pilots

Avg. Pay: $198,190

An airline pilot is responsible for flying the plane both domestically and abroad. However, a bachelor's degree isn’t compulsory to become a pilot. But you must meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s requirements. 

This is one of the best, highest-paying jobs and provides 6% employment growth, and is expected to grow by 4% (2022-2032).

6. Computer System Managers

Avg. Pay: $162,930

Computer systems managers are responsible for designing, administrating, and upkeeping the hardware and software of computers.

One typically earns a bachelor's in CS or IT for this role. This career provides 16.2% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 10% (2022-2032).

7. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Avg. Pay: $158,970

They lead new development plans, resolve technical issues, and manage production site operations. 

For this role, one typically completes a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in architecture or engineering.

This career provides 2.3% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 4% (2022-2032).

8. Natural Sciences Managers

Avg. Pay: $156,110

These managers are responsible for handling research and development, performing tests, maintaining quality, and production to establish or improve the organization.

The minimum educational requirement for nature science leaders is a bachelor's degree in biology or chemistry. 

This career provides 5.9% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 6% (2021-2031).

9. Finance Managers

Avg. Pay: $153,460

Finance managers are responsible for managing a range of revenue-related tasks for a company. 

These tasks include revenue reporting, investment management, supervision, and giving leadership advice to maintain the company's sustainable health. This role requires an undergraduate degree in finance or any related business subject. 

This career provides 16.8% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 17% (2021-2031).

10. Marketing Specialists

Avg. Pay: $153,440

Marketing managers promote a company, brand, or product. They do market research, create innovative advertising strategies, write advertising content, and manage social media channels.

This role requires a bachelor's degree in business, some training, experience, and product marketing skills.

This career provides 9.9% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 6% (2022-2032).

11. Physicists

Avg. Pay: $151,580

This academic role includes the study of energy and matter. The two main areas of study for physicists are theoretical and applied.

To become a physicist, a postdoctoral degree in physics is required. You can begin your career as a research assistant after getting a Ph.D. degree.

This career provides 8.2% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 5% (2022-2032).

12. Lawyers

Avg, Pay: $148,030

Attorneys protect the rights of the public in court by performing legal actions.  Depending on their specialization, they can be a divorce, criminal, or business lawyer.

Lawyers must get a Juris Doctor and complete the bar test in the state where they want to practice before practicing law. 

This career provides 9.8% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 10% (2021-2031).

13. Petroleum Engineers

Avg. Pay: $145,720

These engineers are responsible for finding and removing petroleum products from the earth's surface. 

Their duties involve creating and executing extraction strategies, supervising equipment working and management, and analyzing petroleum production. A bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering or civil or mechanical engineering is required for this job. 

This career provides 8.3% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 2% (2022-2032).

14. Computer and Information Research Scientists

Avg. Pay: $142,650

They are responsible for finding solutions to computing issues and investigating novel software and technological applications. 

Their role includes building models to assess potential solutions, establishing novel languages for coding, or running tests to evaluate the effectiveness of technologies.

A graduate degree in CS or IT is required to become a computer research scientist. This career provides 16.2% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 23% (2022-2032).

15. Judges

Avg. Pay: $142,520

Judges supervise case proceedings in the courtroom, whether civil or criminal. 

They can also conduct hearings, assess motions and other written materials, analyze the law, formulate judgments, hand down punishments, and teach jurors.

To become a judge, one must have a legal degree and practiced law. 

This career provides 2.4% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 2% (2022-2032).

16. Sales Managers

Avg. Pay: $142,390

The sales manager controls the sales performance, manages the company's clients and accounts, and supervises a group of sales agents. 

They might analyze data, follow consumer patterns, develop and implement marketing training programs, and hire personnel.

For this role, a bachelor’s in business-related degree is required. Moreover, they must possess excellent communication skills, expertise, and the capacity to meet sales objectives.

This career provides 5.1% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 4% (2022-2032).

17. Operational Managers

Avg. salary: $139,900

Operational managers control and monitor a company's daily tasks and procedures. 

Their roles may include identifying operational gaps, reorganizing processes, and developing and applying new procedures to boost productivity.

An undergraduate degree in BBA or a closely connected subject is required for this role. This career provides 11.9% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 6% (2021-2031).

18. Compensation Specialists

Avg. Pay: $139,470

Compensation specialists manage third-party connections (payroll providers or insurance firms), formulate compensation tactics, review industry wage information, and maintain worker compensation plans.

Most businesses demand a bachelor's in HR or a closely related discipline. This career provides 1.5% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 2% (2022-2032).

19. Astronomers

Avg. Pay: $139,410

Astronomers research all aspects of the cosmos, such as celestial bodies and galaxies.

They use telescopes or computers to physically examine events in space and test their beliefs about the cosmos.

For this role, a PhD is required along with substantial training. This career provides 5% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 8% (2021-2031).

20. Public Relations Consultant

Avg. Pay: $138,000

PR consultant building awareness and promoting favorable connections and attitudes for a service, an individual, or a company. 

Their roles include writing press releases, creating advertising strategies, and creating plans to lessen the effects of bad press.

A bachelor's in public relations and skills are required for this role. 

This career provides 8% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 6% (2022-2032).

21. HR Managers

Avg. Pay: $136,590

HR managers' roles include hiring new employees, creating workplace wellness plans, addressing worker complaints and establishing organizational rules and regulations.

Most businesses demand that HR managers have a bachelor's; however, others are open to hiring someone without a degree. 

This career provides 7.3% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 5% (2022-2032).

22. Computer Hardware Engineers

Avg. Pay: $136,320

These engineers play a role in studying, creating, and operating the physical components of computer systems, such as motherboards, processing units, and routers. 

A bachelor's in CS or a closely related discipline is required for this role. This career provides 4.8% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 5% (2022-2032).

23. Purchasing Managers

Avg. Pay: $134,590

Purchasing managers supervise groups of suppliers who acquire goods for businesses, whether they are used in-house or for resale to their clients. 

Additionally, they create purchasing plans, maintain significant relationships with suppliers, and create and monitor budgets.

A bachelor's degree is necessary, along with on-the-job training experience. 

This career provides 3.8% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 4% (2021-2031).

24. Training Managers

Avg. Pay: $128,800

Training managers' roles include training their staff with the expertise, abilities, and data required to perform their job successfully. 

The position includes creating curricula, organizing and directing classes, and managing external training and opportunities for learning.

For this role, one must have an undergraduate degree with additional degrees, like banking or consulting. 

This career provides 7.5% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 6% (2022-2032).

25. Air Traffic Managers

Avg. Pay: $127,920

This career involves managing aircraft entering or leaving airspace to prevent crashes and guarantee that all aircraft land safely.

For this role, one must acquire an undergraduate degree or working experience of 3 years.

This career provides 0.6% employment growth, which is expected to grow by 3.6% (2021-2031).

The Final Verdict

In today’s world, financial stability is a top priority for most people. 

So, as we've explored these 25 highest-paying jobs of 2023, it’s clear that even due to high inflation, opportunities still exist for those who want to follow their passions while earning high wages.

Remember that success is measured in dollars and personal fulfillment. These highest-paying careers are not merely about earning but about achieving your dreams, impacting the world, and leading a life of significance. 

So, chase your dreams now by pursuing these high-paying jobs. Your future awaits – what's your next move?


1  Walters, Toby. “Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): What it is, How it Works.

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