Tackling Imposter Syndrome While Applying for Opportunities

It’s natural to feel imposter syndrome when applying for internships or entering the workforce. Here are some tips to overcome it while building confidence when applying for internships or full-time positions:

  1. Don’t forget - you belong here! Remember how much you have accomplished personally and professionally. Spend some time thinking about all you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come - it’s easy to forget this about ourselves.
  2. Build a support system - Talk to family and friends, or a mentor if you have one, about how you’re feeling. Seek advice from them. Remember - you’re not alone - everyone goes through what you are experiencing now at one point or another.
  3. Look at this process as a learning experience - Look at “No’s” as “not right now, but maybe later.” Career moves are all about timing, it’s not personal. And if possible, always ask for feedback from your interviewers or recruiters if they are willing to give it. Treat every interview as a learning experience. 
  4. Be well prepared - this will help you feel more confident. Spend time researching the company, their leadership team, mission, and news articles. Not only will this help you learn about a future employer, it will also give you talking points in the interview.

Finally - be kind to yourself. Looking for a job is a job in itself. Take breaks, and after you’ve completed a good amount of work for the day or maybe finished a day's worth of interviews, go do something completely different to get your mind off of it.

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