Return Offer Conversation

Got a return offer after your internship? First of all, congratulations! This is a big deal and this is a decision that should not feel rushed.

Here are a few tips on how to handle that conversation with your recruiter:

1. Demonstrate gratitude for the opportunity to intern with the company and for the consideration for a return offer. 

2. The recruiter is there to go over any questions regarding the return offer, so if you need clarification on the offer details, use them as a resource. If you have questions after the fact, you can always email them. As a former university recruiter, just know it was our role to make sure candidates felt supported throughout this process, so reach out to your recruiter!

Below are common questions you can ask your recruiter: 

Can you provide details about the return offer, such as the start date, duration, location, and any specific requirements?
If I change my mind about the location in the offer, can we change it to another location? 
How does team placement work? Will I have a say on what team I will get placed into based on my preferences?
Will performance metrics stay the same?
Can you break down my compensation package? Including salary, bonuses, and benefits? 

3. Don't be afraid to tell the recruiter if you are considering other opportunities, this will not impact your return offer. This allows us to be aware of any timelines you may have so that we are aligned on how to best support you as you make a decision. Also, you can always leverage other offers when it comes to negotiating your offer.

4. You do not have to rush this decision! Most companies give a standard two-week deadline but just know you can always ask for an extension. Also, employers must follow any school-specific deadlines; school-specific deadlines take the pressure off of students when asking for an extension which allows students to consider other opportunities during that time.

For example, if you receive an offer with a standard two-week deadline and your school has a deadline of November 1st of that year for internal rehires or new-grad hires, the employer that gave you an offer must give you until November 1st. So, please check in with your career center for these specific deadlines (vary by major and school).

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