KPIs? What is that? Don’t be scared to ask what things mean, technical jargon is part of the workplace.

Technical jargon consists of complex terms, acronyms, and abbreviations that may be difficult to comprehend for someone entering a new industry or workplace environment. I remember back when I was an intern being so confused listening in on conversations and not really understanding what was going on because of the technical jargon but it’s okay to not know things right away, with time, everything will make sense! 

Here are some resources and tips that can help you navigate technical jargon in the workplace!

  1. When you hear something you don’t know, write it down and then either ask someone or look it up. I can assure you it will probably not be the first time you hear it! I’ve seen interns and new hires create their own glossary which can be very helpful to start off. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, this is a new environment and people are understanding of that and would gladly help.
  3. Remember that everything comes with time, right now you might feel like you do not understand conversations due to the technical jargon but as you start to ask questions and research terms, everything will start to make sense. 

Online resources you can use:

  • Webopedia is an online tech dictionary that provides definitions and explanations of technical terms related to computing, technology, and the digital world. It covers a wide range of topics, including networking, cybersecurity, software, hardware, and more.
  • Techopedia is an online IT and technology dictionary that provides definitions and explanations of technical terms related to various areas of information technology, computer science, and related fields.
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