How To Negotiate Salary After a Job Offer

First of all - always attempt to negotiate. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Somebody saying “No” to you is the worst that could happen, and if it does, at least you tried to advocate for yourself. So how do you negotiate? You can’t just say “I want more money, I deserve it.” You have to justify your request. Here are some examples:

  1. Do your research on the market and the role - what do they pay others at the company in your same role with the same experience? What do other companies pay their employees in a comparable role?
  2. Have you interviewed and received an offer elsewhere? Use that offer as leverage. Generally speaking, the more information you give the recruiter, the more they might be able to do for you. 
  3. Have confidence in yourself. Justify your salary with your qualifications and experience. 

Talking about compensation can be personal and sometimes emotional for the candidate. So make sure you maintain professionalism and be polite, regardless of the outcome. Negotiation doesn’t always work, or you might not get exactly what you want, or it may not actually be possible - some employers don’t do it, some give standardized offers, or the highest offer possible at the initial offer.

Keep in mind it varies employer to employer. But the important thing is to always try - you never know what the response might be. ​​Negotiating your salary as an intern or new grad is a great opportunity to learn how to advocate for yourself, as this is something you will encounter many times throughout your career!

Script you can use (modify based on the skillsets you want to highlight): 

I am so honored to be joining the team. I have enjoyed my interactions with everyone during the interview process. Is there any chance of flexibility in compensation? Based on a few additional conversations I am having, market research, as well as the experience I am bringing as a new grad with 3 years of experience building and launching iOS apps from the ground up since my first internship my sophomore year of college, I would love it if we could potentially meet at $[Desired Amount].
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