How following up after an interview can help you land the job

An important step in the interview process is making sure you follow up after they’re done. Why?

  1. It demonstrates professionalism: take the time to thank your interviews and recruiters for their time. 
  2. It showcase your enthusiasm and passion for the position and company
  3. It reinforce your qualifications: this is another opportunity to succinctly highlight why you are the best candidate for the role
  4. It builds relationships: this is an opportunity, regardless of the outcome, to expand your network and build relationships with your recruiters, interviewers, and the companies you engage with. This might benefit you in the future!

Keep in mind: follow up emails are not meant to be long; keep it short and to the point. Do not use it as an opportunity to write an essay on yourself. A few sentences or short paragraphs that are well-written can be much more effective than a long email. Below is a template you can use.

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Post-Interview Follow Up Template

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