15+ Highest Paying Internships You Need To Know About ASAP!

There is no doubt that internships are a gateway to further career opportunities. 

However, do all those long hours and grueling work as an intern really pay off if you don't even receive a decent reward?

Fret not, as we have done the research for you and gathered 15 of the highest paying internships that will give you a head start academically and professionally!

Highest Paying Internships - Tech Industry

1. Google

Median monthly pay: $6,454

The Google internship program is an opportunity to contribute to impactful projects in software engineering, design, and marketing while receiving competitive pay, housing assistance, and mentorship. 

It isn't among the highest paying internships on the list, but has great prestige and is definitely worth considering.

2. Intuit 

Median monthly pay: $7,000

Intuit is consistently recognized as one of the best companies to work for. As an intern, you are expected to bring fresh ideas and get the chance to work alongside experienced professionals who can mentor and guide you. 

3. Apple 

Median monthly pay: $7,000

Join Apple as an intern, and you'll become an integral part of their team, working closely with world-class professionals on impactful projects. Whether it's a summer internship or academic-year co-op, you'll gain hands-on experience at an Apple campus.

4. Microsoft 

Median monthly pay: $7,366

Starting a new career adventure is a big deal! With Microsoft internships, you get the best of both worlds: a mix of virtual and in-person experiences. It is designed in such a way to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy while you embark on this exciting journey with Microsoft.

5. Linkedin 

Median monthly pay: $7,500

At Linkedin, you get the chance to meet and connect with fellow interns from around the globe. Don't miss the opportunity to hear directly from company executives during fun social gatherings and professional events. 

6. Meta 

Median monthly pay: $8,000

Meta is the place to be for incredible mentorship, a welcoming culture, and opportunities to make a difference truly. It's no wonder that their intern program has been ranked #1 by Glassdoor for two years running. 

7. Amazon 

Median monthly pay: $8,000

Consider Amazon for an exciting real-world experience that gives you a glimpse into the highest-level work, propelling your career forward and ensuring success. As an intern, your academic knowledge and skills will spring to life.

8. Roblox 

Median monthly pay: $9,017

Be a part of the exciting 12-week summer internship program, carefully designed and fully paid. At Roblox, they match your interests with their business priorities, assigning you to teams where you'll contribute to meaningful projects that have a huge impact.

9. Stripe 

Median monthly pay: $9,064

With one of the highest paying internships in tech, Stripe offers its newcomers an exciting intern experience. Moreover, many of their intern programs even offer housing benefits or help with finding a place to stay. They can't wait to welcome you!

Highest Paying Internships - Finance Industry

10. American Express

Median monthly pay: $6,500

American Express internships provide hands-on experience in various fields, including finance, marketing, and technology, and offer competitive compensation packages and professional development opportunities.

11. Citi 

Median monthly pay: $6,667

At Citi, our internships cover a wide range of exciting roles in finance, banking, and technology. You'll gain hands-on experience and have access to competitive compensation that may include housing and transportation stipends.

12. JP Morgan 

Median monthly pay: $6,667

Internships at JP Morgan usually range from 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the program. At JP Morgan, interns can expect competitive compensation packages that may encompass bonuses and various additional benefits.

13. Blackrock 

Median monthly pay: $6,917

At BlackRock, you'll dive into an exciting and supportive experience that closely resembles the life of a BlackRock Analyst. You'll handle real-world responsibilities while also enjoying professional development opportunities.

14. Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

Median monthly pay: $7,000

Based in Pennsylvania, SIG's internship program combines hands-on work experience with classroom learning across various teams. Alongside competitive pay, participants enjoy perks like stocked kitchens, social activities, and local discounts.

15. Deutsche Bank 

Median monthly pay: $7,083

At Deutsche Bank, the Internship Programme is crafted to nurture your skill development with formal training and ongoing support. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to build your professional network.

16. Bain & Company 

Median monthly pay: $7,125

Internships at Bain & Company are tailored to your interests, from consulting to empowering future female leaders with extensive experience or delving into business functions like knowledge management.

17. Capital One 

Median monthly pay: $8,333

Dive into challenging projects, making a tangible impact on our business and Capital One's customers' lives. Moreover, have the chance to explore various teams and roles to discover your passions while enjoying the support of colleagues and mentors along the way.

Final Takeaway

You may now be aware of the highest paying internships out there; however, that was the easy part. Internships are highly competitive, and there are so many hoops to jump through for any chance of success.

Therefore, putting in the effort and hard work is necessary to be a part of these organizations. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity before you miss out on them!

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